Sky Suites Mega Kuningan

Sky Suites Mega Kuningan


Ranging from luxury apartment suites to exclusive high-ceiling residences. Located at the prime Mega Kuningan central financial district, Pollux Sky Suites is just blocks from 5 star hotels, world-class theater, restaurants, embassies, and Jakarta’s most eclectic choices for recreation, shopping, dining and city entertainment experiences.


Sky Suites Mega Kuningan – A special place concieved above the clouds only for the chosen ones, a sanctuary of high flying lifestyle. A breathtaking statement of contemporary urban living in one of Jakarta’s central financial district and lifestyle. A tower up in all directions, as if the spaces are expanding. True homes in the sky.
Located at the prime Mega Kuningan central financial district, You are invited to be a part of an exclusive community of high flying lifestyle to enjoy Jakarta’s most exciting neighborhood. Welcome to Pollux Sky Suites.

  • Area : -/+ 4500 sqm (HGB)
  • Only 1 Tower
  • Certificate : STRATA TITLE
  • No. of Actual Floor : 46 Floors
  • No. of Marketing Floor : 61 Floors
  • Ceiling Height : 3,5 m
  • Floor to Floor Height : 4,5 m
  • Total Unit (Apartment) : 194 Units
  • Total Unit (Serviced Apartment) : 352 Units
  • in Typical Floor : 16 Units / Floor
  • No. of Lift : 4 Passenger Lifts + 2 Service Lifts
  • Parking Lot : 343 Lots
  • Completion : Q4 - 2022
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan informasi webiste tersedia : harga price list booking fee lokasi launching promo kpa peta map area. Video layout review location residence. Jual apartemen di jakarta apartment at indonesia residences, dijual sale beli properti. Developer Pollux Properties group development progress. Sales agent contact whatsapp phone telepon telp kantor property agen pemasaran show unit marketing gallery.
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Location
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Mega Kuningan, a 54 hectares area of densely concentrated high rise buildings within Golden Triangle of Jakarta, a triangular area of business, commercial establishments and lifestyle in South Jakarta form high rise office towers, 5 star hotels, shopping centre and entertainment, lush green spaces and stately residences. Mega Kuningan has been described uniquely as the cultural, financial, and media capital of the Jakarta.

Mega Kuningan simply pampers a dynamic collaboration of business and lifestyle align for ultimate performance.

Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Pool Bar
  • 6 Stars Hotel Concierge
  • Double Height Ceiling
  • F&B Amenities And Retails
  • Al Fresco Dining Lounge
  • Signature Park
  • Luminaire Pool
  • Cabana East
  • Family BBQ
  • Family Lounge
  • Wine Garden
  • Romantic Garden
  • Romantic Lounge
  • Sunset Bar + Lounge
  • Outdoor Wellness Center
  • Outdoor Gym
  • Jogging Area
  • Aerobic Garden
  • Reflexology Path
  • Performance Hall/Multifuction
  • Forest Garden
  • Meditation Garden
  • Exotic Plantation Garden
  • Indoor Waterfall
  • Executive Meeting Lounge
  • Digital Libraries
  • Wine Tasting Corner
  • Gentlemen’s Club
  • Cigar Lounge
  • Executive Clubhouse
  • Lady’s Club Beauty Parlour
  • Beauty Gym Activity
  • Zen Garden
  • Yoga+Meditation Deck
  • Outdoor Wellness+Fitness
  • Body Fit Outdoor Fitness
  • “The Cloud” Lifestyle Bar
  • Party Zone
  • Private Party Lounge
  • Wine Cellar
  • Submerge Lounge
  • Panoramic Sky Lounge
  • Entertainment Area
  • Sky Library
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Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Siteplan
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Tower Section
Tower Section
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Floorplan
Apartment Floorplan
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Layout 1BR
Layout - 1BR
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Layout 1BR Lux
Layout - 1BR LUX
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Layout 2BR
Layout - 2BR
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Layout 3BR
Layout - 3BR

: Solid Engineering Wood Door
: Curtain Wall Glass Finished Good
  Fullheight Curtain Glass
: Ceiling Board with Paint Finish
Master Bedroom Bedroom
Living Room
Dining Room
Services, Maid
: Marble
: Marble
: Marble
: Marble
: Marble
: Homogenous Tiles
: Built in All Bedrooms
: Split Duct

Counter Top

: Stove, Cooker Hood, Oven
: QuartStone


Living, Dining Room
Maid Bedroom

: Plaster with Paint Finish
: Plaster with Paint Finish
: Marble
: Plaster with Paint Finish
: Plaster with Paint Finish


: Secured Card Access System
  Smart Door Lock
  Robot Security Surveillance
  Automatic Car Park System

Disclaimer – While every reasonable care has been taken in preparing these materials and their contents, the developer (s) and their agents cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies or omissions. All statements are believed to be correct as statements or representations of fact. The developer (s) does not accept responsibility for any errors or legal entities that are contained herein, howsoever caused. All plans, information, specifications, renderings, illustrations, photographs, physical displays, show units (s), representations and statements are currently at the time of publication or fabrication and are subject to changes by the developer (s) and / or the relevant Indonesian authorities may be required. All plans are not drawn to the scale unless expressly stated, and are available. Areas and measurements are subject to change and final survey. Renderings and illustrations are artists’ impressions only and cannot be regarded as representations of fact. All plans, information, renderings, illustrations, photographs, physical displays and show unit (s) do not necessarily represent as-built standard specifications.This website, its contents and all plans, information, specifications, rendering, illustrations, photographs, physical displays, show unit (s), representations and statements should not be treated to form part of an offer or contract. The agreement between the developer (s) and the purchaser, and all the priors and priors, prior to the signing of the PPJB. The PPJB shall in no way be modified by any statements and representations made by the developer (s) and its agents, which is not before or after the signing of the PPJB. The PPJB is a company that offers a wide range of services for customers.

Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Tower
Sky Suites - Tower
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Lobby
Sky Suites - Lobby
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan - Project Site
Sky Suites - Project Site

Unit Price / Harga :

Starting + Rp. 50 million / sqm (excl. PPN)*

Unit Size
1BR : 37,38 & 39,08 sqm
Starting + Rp. 2,06 billion (incl. PPN)*

1 BR LUX : 54,91 sqm

2 BR : 83,59 sqm

3 BR : 122,82 sqm

for price details, please contact us

Easy Payment Methods

Term of payments
Booking Fee : Rp. 30 million
Installment : 12X, 24X, 36X
Balloon Payment :
DP 50% (36X) , 50% (Cash or KPA)

(updated : August 2019)

notes: price, availability unit, and term of payments are
subject to change without prior notice

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Marketing Gallery
Sky Suites Mega Kuningan

Noble House Building 36th Fl.
Jl. Dr. Ide Anak Agung Gde Agung,
Kav. E 4.2 , No. 2
Mega Kuningan
Jakarta Selatan 12950

Want to get more info
(e-Brochure, pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)
plan to visit our Marketing Office,

please Contact us..

Want to get more info (e-Brochure, pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)
plan to visit our Marketing Office,

please Contact us ..

Get more info or visiting our show unit,
(pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)

Get more info or visiting our show unit,
(pricelist, terms of payment, etc.)
Call / SMS :  0813 1025 5479  ( Juliandi )
K L I K   contact button / tombol kontak
Juliandi  0813 1025 5479
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Berita seputar Pollux – Sky Suites

Januari 2019, JAKARTA – PT Pollux Properties Indonesia membidik nilai prapenjualan hingga Rp3 triliun pada 2019 kendati merupakan tahun politik.

Presiden Direktur Pollux Properties Nico Purnomo Po mengatakan dirinya optimistis dengan potensi pertumbuhan positif sektor properti pada 2019 lantaran angka kebutuhan rumah yang belum terpenuhi atau backlog yang masih tinggi.

“Kebutuhan rumah terus meningkat setiap tahunnya. Selain itu, hasil infrastruktur yang dibangun secara besar-besaran pada 2018 juga menjadi salah satu kunci utama yang kami yakini bisa menunjang siklus properti,” ungkap Nico kepada Bisnis, Sabtu (29/12/2018).

Kebutuhan tersebut, lanjutnya, tercermin pada laporan PT Bank Tabungan Negara (BTN) yang mencatat pertumbuhan kredit sebesar 19,28% menjadi Rp220,07 triliun pada kuartal III/2018 ini. Angka tersebut meningkat dari penyaluran kredit BTN di kuartal III/2017 yang sebesar Rp184,5 triliun.

Pertumbuhan tersebut didorong oleh kenaikan Kredit Pemilikan Rumah (KPR) subsidi yang disalurkan melalui kucuran Fasilitas Likuiditas Pembiayaan Perumahan (FLPP).

“Jadi kita melihat ada tren naik. Apalagi milenial sudah mulai ada kebutuhan dan banyak relaksasi yang diberikan pemerintah,” lanjutnya.

Adapun, Pollux merupakan salah satu pengembang properti yang mengembangkan proyek berskala besar dengan konsep mixed use terintegrasi, dimana bagian dari seluruh sektor properti berada dalam kawasan, seperti apartemen, mal, perkantoran, ruko, hingga hotel.

Nico mengatakan pihaknya akan fokus pada proyek yang sudah berjalan, seperti Pollux Technopolis seluas 42 hektare di Karawang, Pollux Gangnam District di Bekasi, dan beberapa proyek dibawah entitas anak perusahaannya seperti Pollux Skysuites Mega Kuningan, dan Pollux Habibie di Batam.

Nico menambahkan, target Pollux selanjutnya pada 2019 adalah ingin lebih berfokus pada pemanfaatan teknologi terbaru dengan desain terkini yang cocok dengan gaya hidup modern.

Selain itu, meskipun pada paruh pertama 2019 akan terdapat pemilihan umum sehingga mengakibatkan mayoritas konsumen cenderung wait and see, ia menilai pada saat tersebutlah waktu yang tepat untuk membeli properti mengingat pada Semester II/2019 sektor properti dipercaya akan segera rebound.

“Menurut saya, sekarang justru adalah waktu yang paling tepat untuk berinvestasi properti sebab ‘the earliest gains the most,” imbuhnya.

Nico mengharapkan pada tahun ini, pemilu bisa berjalan lancar dan damai sehingga tidak mempengaruhi kondisi daya beli dan pasar dapat menjadi lebih stabil serta dapat terus bertumbuh.

Tidak hanya itu, ia juga mengharapkan pembangunan infrastruktur dapat selesai tepat waktu sehingga bisa semakin meyakinkan investor untuk melakukan investasi di sektor properti.

“Tahun ini kami juga berharap bahwa para pengembang properti Indonesia dapat menghasilkan karya-karya yang lebih inovatif dan lebih bersaing di skala International,” paparnya.

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